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In light of GotG doing so well, I’ve been having this one thought that’s just SO consistent in my head.

If you can connect me emotionally to a bloody CGI raccoon and a CGI tree-alien-thingie, then you DAMN WELL can create female characters and LGBT+ characters that are compelling in a superhero universe.  

Hell, I wouldn’t mind the whole, “female character being saved by male character,” thing as much if the female character being saved existed to be anything but that.  Give me a female character that, yes, in this instance needs to be saved from whatever the fuck, but don’t make that her primary reason for existence.  

Just, ugh, I NEED diversity in my consumable media. 


Money Giveaway - Trans Girls/Women version

Hi everyone! I’m in the privileged situation, for the month of July, of both having a job and living with my parents, so I thought I’d put my salary to good use.

I’m having four money giveaways ; this one, a giveaway of 100$, is exclusively…

DCCU: Where no one is allowed to wear colors that are not dark and brooding, because reasons

Also, we snap necks here. Like, a bunch of them

My one regret in middle and high school is that I never loudly challenged someone to play a children’s card game.

Hey, Ubisoft

If having a playable female character means more work, and more money, then maybe…

Just maybe…

You shouldn’t be releasing AC games EVERY BLOODY FUCK YEAR!

Just give us a well-done, diverse game.  That’s what we want.  Not Stubbly McWhiterson in Bad Combat V.